"Though children here no longer grow up listening to underworld tales, they somehow imbibe daring qualities peculiar to Mumbai-9, the pin-code now synonymous with the neighbourhood. We are known to respect our women.
Women can walk down the streets of Dongri at 2am and no one will dare touch them. That’s something we do not tolerate,”

"I can walk around Pydhonie wearing 100 tolas of gold at 2am and I know that I’ll be perfectly safe. If one man touches me, 10 others will pounce on him,"

"You can never go hungry in this area, as eateries are open till 4am," 

South Mumbai residents - 2014 Lok Sabha Elections are here!

So we are few days away from Lok Sabha elections of 2014. An opportunity to vote which comes once in 5 years. To try and change the course of the flow of the country. To choose a better candidate. To choose some one better to represent you from your area and locality. And here we are to find and try to get a better person. 

South Bombay…oops Mumbai, here are your options this time.

Lets look at our options:

1. Meera Sanyal from Aam Aadmi Party

Meera is one of India’s leading Bankers, who announced her resignation from the post of CEO and Chairperson of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) India, to enter public life. She contested as an independent candidate in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections from the Mumbai South constituency and lost. She is President of LiberalsIndia for Good Governance - the Indian Liberal group, a not for profit think tank, that provides a platform for like minded Indian Liberals and Active Citizens to work towards improving the quality of life and state of Governance in India.

She has joined the Aam Aadmi Party and is a member of the National Committee on Economic Policy.

You can read about her here: in.linkedin.com/pub/meera-sanyal/36/61/974

2. Milind Deora from INC

Got into politics because of family lineage.

Average Attendance to Date
88% attendance in Parliamentary sessions

Stood up for Campa Cola residents against the Maharashtra CM.

Was only politician to be present on site during 26/11.

Deora is one of the youngest members of the current Lok Sabha. He won the 2004 elections with a margin of 10,000 votes against BJP’s Jaywantiben Mehta. In the 2009 Lok Sabha election, Deora was again elected from Mumbai South Constituency, this time by a margin of 1,12,682 votes.

Union Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology (July 2011 onwards)

Union Minister of State for Shipping (October 2012 onwards)

3. Bala Nandgaonkar from MNS

Bala Nandgaonkar has served as an MLA in the Maharashtra State Legislative Assembly for three terms as a member of the Shiv Sena political party and currently as member of MNS. He has also served as Minister of State for Home.

This candidate has completed his education up to the 10th Standard.

Industrial Internet - Big Data?

Industrial Internet?

Big Data?

Internet of Things?


Machine to machine communication?

Tool Talk?

Real time analytic?


All of the above either prove to be redundant in front of the GOD or are a set of jargon being thrown at us, day in and day out, without much weight - hollow!


Or how else you explain that a huge Boeing 777 going missing from the face of earth?

Either technology has failed us or it’s a part of some plan?

Conspiracy theories? May be.

Over to you - Dear Uncle Sam!

Happy Women’s Day!

25% of the seats reserved in buses.
30% of the seats reserved in trains.
30% of the total seats reserved in engineering colleges.
30% reservation across all law colleges.
30-33% reserved seats in medical colleges.
33% reservation in Parliament and state legislative bodies.
35% quota in police jobs.

Yet they will be the first to speak of Equality.
Of standing shoulder to shoulder.
Of having “equal” rights.
Of expecting “gentlemanly” conduct by men (read giving away
your seats in bus and train)

They are Women :)

Hum Engineer!

Adhkhuli si hai aakhein..
Ankahi si hai baatein..
Andheki si hai raahein..
Aur khuli hui hai baahein…

Na tension na fear..
Hum Engineer!!!

Hai chaar saal yu kaate..
Zindagi aath sem me baate..
Fir har sem me kuch alag khoj..
Aur sath rahe hamare..soch aur sankoch..

Na tension na fear..
Hum Engineer!!!

Kabhi subject samajh na aya..
Kabhi teacher ne daraya..
Kabhi H.O.D. Ne dhamkaya..
Par unko ye samaj na aaayaa..

Na tension na fear..
Hum Engineer!!!

Jab darna hi tha humko..
To college ye kyu chunte..
Auro ki tarah jina tha to..
Engineering kyu karte??
Kyu apna chain lutate..
Kyu apni nind udate??

Par kida tha kuch kar jane ka..
Kuch duniya ko batane ka..
Ke..Na tension na fear..
Hum Engineer!!!

Lecture me hum sote hai..
Ya cell se online hote hai..
Teacher ke ubalte hue khun me..
Hum apna between-da-lecture breakfast dubote hai..

Na tension na fear..
Hum Engineer!!!

Class me pics..
Aur labs me recording..
Dikhani jo hoti hai..sabko apni apni daring..
Bandiyo ke liye cheering..
F.E. se nearing..
Sube se sham..day-dreaming!!

Na tension na fear..
Hum Engineer!!!

Future unclear..
Responsiblities near..
Fikar me dear..
Hath me hamare beer..
Na tension na fear..
Hum Engineer!!!