Ma Kasam - Mumbai!

A family of four from state of Uttar Pradesh had come to meet their relatives and friends in Mumbai, to take their help for marriage of their daughter. They collected whatever they could in different bags and were headed back to their village. They took a local train from Thane station to reach CST for catching up distant train. Everything was fine till the local reached Kurla station.

Amidst the rush, one man got down with their bag, leaving his own on the same shelf in train, looking very similar in color and design. When train reached Dadar station, they started accumulating their baggage in place, only to realize that the bag with clothes of bride-to-be is missing and all hell broke loose. The family started panicking and moist eyes were visible for all.

Enter Mumbaikars!

One Mumbaikar asked them to open the bag which the other person had left.

Second Mumbaikar started searching the bags.

Third one kept his cell phone ready. Some one found medical receipts and test reports of the bag owner only with this name and post (Army fellow!).

Another fellow used Google to get the contact details of the laboratory, shared the name along with Army details with the person on other end of the phone and informed them about the missing bag.

The receptionist was kind enough to share the contact details and before train reached CST the family was able to speak the person with whom the bag was exchanged.

Army man too was tensed about the missing reports and promised to reach CST by taking the very next train.

And the head of the family had only one line to say - "Ma Kasam, Mumbai ke baare me suna tha, aaj dekh bhi liya".

Glad to be a part of such an awesome experience!

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